World Premieres

#BacktoBeethoven World Premieres

"Beethoven ReCycled" Sonata

Statement of Yury Revich

Dear friends and colleagues,

As an eco-conscious musician and artist, I wanted to share with you my first experimental composition from the "ReCycled" Series.

As an artistic statement to fight the global climate change, I created a music piece, in which I used sketches and drafts by L. van Beethoven which he has never used in his actual final works.

I was inspired by his music and added a modern touch to the composition.

It was very inspiring working on this piece and I hope you enjoy it!

Henry Vieuxtemps: Two Cadenzas for the Beethoven Violin Concerto

Statement of Yury Revich

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am very excited to share the 2 World Premieres with you.

I am truly honoured to be part of the Beethoven anniversary celebration year with working with Martin Wulfhorst on the two cadenzas WoO1 and WoO2 for the 1st movement of the Violin Concerto with a string quartet and timpani accompaniment.

This is a unique feeling to be able to speak the language of music which has neither time limits nor geographical borders.

These cadenzas have lyrical beauty and Beethoven-inspired rhythmical precision.

The cadenzas could be proven to be an early version of a further and unpublished, cadenza by Henry Vieuxtemps who was a great violin virtuoso and an icon for many generations of violinists including generations of my family in which we are all violinists since the 19th century.

For these recordings, I used my Stradivari Violin 1709 on which I play since 3 years. But the first time I took it in my hands I was the first violinist to play on it after the 90 years pause.

This is a magical feeling like when you awake princess Aurora after the long sleep. The same feeling I experienced when I first played these Cadenzas.

It was a wonderful moment to record the cadenzas and be part of this unique process bringing them back to life together with Doblinger and Martin Wulfhorst.