Happy Birthday Ludwig!

A Syrian expat based in Vienna and working for an international organisation, Majd Nassan is a huge fan of Beethoven.

He wants to prove that music has no limits and to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday by creating a series of videos to honour the great composer.

He approached an international solo- violinist Yury Revich, who is the president of Beethoven Society for Music and Research Vienna.

Yury is a UNICEF partner and immediately liked the idea.

As an active humanitarian himself Yury appreciates initiatives like the one from Majd, especially nowadays when the world is going through so many challenges.

Music and culture are a great help for integration, spreading peace and love.

Together, Yury and Majd prepared a series of short videos which they will release on social media, which involve Beethoven and classical music fans from the different nationalities, abilities and ethnic backgrounds to prove:

Music has no borders. Music unites people.